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Who's Funding the Recall?
...Follow the Money

Recall Shasta has been funded almost entirely by just one man -- Reverge Anselmo.


Anselmo has given at least $450,000 to Recall Shasta to fund their campaign of lies and division -- and its not the first time he's set out to buy a seat on the Shasta County Board of Supervisors. 

Even worse, Anselmo doesn't even live in Shasta County. He doesn't even live in California! 

Read about the facts of Recall Shasta, and reject this millionaire's attempt to get revenge and buy our local government.

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What does $550,000 Buy?

Reverge Anslemo has given at least $450,000 to Recall Shasta in the last year.

This is on top of the more than $100,000 he spent supporting Patrick Henry Jones for Supervisor in 2020. 

Anselmo bought one seat for Jones, now he's using the Recall to try and buy another? 

Buy Why??



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Don't Let One Man's Vendetta Destroy Our Community

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